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State Land Cadastre – is a singular state geo-informational system of the information about lands situated within the state border of Ukraine, their target purpose and limitations of use. Cadastre includes the data concerning quantitative and qualitative land characteristics, land valuation, land division between owners and users.
State Land Cadastre system makes it able to receive needed information about land plots through all territory of Ukraine. Data is submitted to this database, checked, systematized and organized following uniformed and clearly defined rules.
Data on lands is available for experts working in the matter of land relations as well as for external users, due to up-to-date IT-technologies used for administration of State Land Cadastre.

A wide range of issues related to topographic, geodetic and cartographic activities are under the competence of StateGeoCadastre. StateGeoCadastre performs functions of creation and development of National Geospatial Data Infrastructure, establishment and formalizing of geographical names. StateGeoCadastre’s experts perform activities on demarcation and delimitation of state border, participate in the process of development of international agreements of Ukraine, and perform a range of other important functions.
Information on StateGeoCadastre activities in the matter of topography, geodesy and cartography can be found at this section.

The State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre manages a wide range of information in the matter of land relations. Citizens can perform the huge part of legal activities using the information of StateGeoCadastre only. Therefore, providing services of high quality is one of the most important priorities of our work.
StateGeoCadastre and its regional offices perform both charged and free of charge services in three main areas:
1) submitting information to the State Land Cadastre database (state registration of land plots, limitations of land use);
2) issuing extracts from database (extract from State Land Cadastre on land plots, limitations of land use, copies of cadastral map, certificate on general information about lands);
3) other services (carrying out state expertise etc.)
Since 1 January 2015 bodies of land resources throughout all territory of Ukraine provide services via Centres of Administrative Services (CAS) according to the Law of Ukraine on Administrative Services. These CAS’s are established under state administrations and authorities of local self-government.
Addresses of CAS’s can be found on the web-site of StateGeoCadastre by the link.

StateGeoCadastre ensures rational land use and land protection, creation of conductive ecological environment, and improvement of natural landscapes.
Main tasks of land management are:
• Implementation of the state policy relating to scientifically based land redistribution, forming proper national system of land ownership and land use with elimination of deficiencies in lands location, creation of ecologically sustainable landscapes and agro-systems;
• Informational support of legal, economical, ecological and city planning mechanism of land relations regulation on national, regional, local and household levels by the development of proposals on establishment a special regime and special conditions of land use;
• Providing activities on predicting, planning, and organization of rational land use and land protection on national, regional, local and household levels;
• Organization of local agricultural enterprises territories with creation of spatial conditions that ensures ecological and economical optimization of agricultural lands use and protection, implementation of advanced forms of land use management organization, improvement of correlation and placing of lands, crop rotation, haymaking and pasture system.
Main task relating to land protection that is carried out by regional bodies of land resources is to provide the preservation and reproduction of land resources, ecological value of natural and gained land characteristics.
Competence of bodies of land resources relating land protection:
• Development of basis and support in achievement of rational land use;
• Protection of agricultural lands, forests and shrubs from their baseless exclusion for other needs;
• Protection of lands from erosion, mudflows, flooding, waterlogging, salinization, draining, compaction, industrial waste/chemical/radioactive pollution, and from other adverse natural and man-made processes;
• Preservation of natural water lands and swamplands;
• Prevention from aesthetic condition and ecological role deterioration of anthropogenic landscapes;
• Conservation of degraded and unproductive agricultural lands.

StateGeoCadastre provides state expertise of documentation on land management. Experts of StateGeoCadastre are exploring, checking, analyzing and evaluating expertise’s objects on the matter of their accordance to legal requirements. The documentation is checked on its accordance to fixed standards, norms and rules.
The matter of state expertise of land management documentation is regulated by the Land Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine on State Expertise of Land Management Documentation and other legal acts.
The list of land management documentation that is a subject to necessary expertise, and conditions of its carrying out can be found below.

The Law of Ukraine on Land Valuation (hereinafter the Law) sets that monetary valuation of land plots depending on purpose and the procedure is divided into normative and expert.
Normative valuation of land is carried out for determination of land tax, state fee on exchange, inheritance and gifting of land plots, rental fee on state-owned and communal land plots, losses of agricultural and forest production, value of land plots with total area more then 50 hectares for placing open structures for sports activities, as well as for the process of the development of indicators and mechanisms of economic stimulation of rational lands use and protection.
Expert monetary valuation of land plots and rights on them is carried out with purpose to determine the value of valuation object. This type of monetary valuation is used for the fulfillment of civil treaties concerning land plots and rights on them.
Normative land plots valuation is carried out by legal persons that are the developers of land management documentation.
Expert valuation of land plots is carried out by subjects of land valuation activities in the sphere of land valuation according to requirements of the Law, the Law of Ukraine on Valuation of Property, Property Rights and Professional Evaluative Activity in Ukraine, and other legal acts.
Technical documentation, approved by village or city council, composes based on the result of a normative monetary valuation of populated areas. Information on normative valuation of a certain land plot processed as an extract from technical documentation on normative monetary land valuation. A report forms by the results of expert monetary valuation of land plots.
Citizens can get extracts from technical documentation on normative monetary land plot valuation exceptionally through CAS’s established under state administrations and authorities of local self-government.
Addresses of CAS’s can be found on the web-site of StateGeoCadastre by this link.
State Register of Experts of Expert Monetary Valuation and samples of applications can be found in the section “To the Professionals of Land market”.

StateGeoCadastre provides certification of engineers on land management and engineers-geodesists.
Certificate of qualification is a prerequisite for providing services on development of land management documentation and is a guaranty of a qualitative performance of land management work.
The test for certificate takes the Qualification Commission.
Engineers, who received a qualification certificate, have the right to solely develop some types of documentation on land management and land valuation. Certified experts can provide topographic, geodetic and cartographic works, conduct an inventory of lands, and evaluate the quality of ground, geo-botanic and other lands surveys while carrying out land management.
StateGeoCadastre holds state registers of certified engineers on land management and engineers-geodesists.

Development of effective agricultural land market in Ukraine remains an issue of strategic importance. The dynamic of social and economic growth of agro-industrial complex, land relations, and national economy in general depends on implementation of this issue.
Ukraine has a great land potential. It contains 5.7% of the territory of Europe. Almost 70% of 60.3 million hectares are agricultural lands with high fertility. Such potential can be a powerful advantage of Ukraine, but its practical realization needs an implementation of effective model of land relations adequate to modern strict conditions of international competition.
In conditions of global economy and increasing integration of Ukraine into world’s economical processes it is an agro-industrial complex to lead the development of Ukrainian economy.
According to the part 15 of section X of Transitional provisions of Land Code of Ukraine a moratorium on buying and selling agricultural lands acts now. Entering into force of the Law of Ukraine on Agricultural Lands Turnover is a condition for lifting the moratorium.

The Law of Ukraine on Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine related to delimitation of state-owned and communal lands entered into force from 1 January 2013. By this Law a legislator made amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine, in particular to Article 122.
In accordance with the amendments made, the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre and its regional offices transfer state-owned agricultural land plots into ownership or use. Information relating to disposal of lands that is under the competence of StateGeoCadastre can be found in this section.

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